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Removal, Repair and Installation

Fast Painting General Contractor's services include Drywall Removal, Drywall Repair and new Drywall Installation. Drywall is also refered to as plasterboard, wallboard or gypsum board. It is a light-weight, easy to install product that is an alternative to plaster or stone walls. The ease of use and speed of installation makes it far and away the industry standard for remodeling and renovations. In fact, our experienced team can drywall an entire house in just one or two days. However, if you plan to install drywall in high-moisture, high-humidity areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms and baths you should consider using greenboard or cement board. We can walk you through what types of drywall will best fit your needs; what thickness you should have and what custom treatments, such as rounded corners, you would like.

Do you have water damage and mold? No problem.

We can remove the existing drywall, remediate the area and return your home to a safe, comfortable condition.
Call us today with you questions and we'll be you a quote right away.

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Drywall repair and installation

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