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Air Conditioning - Residential and Commercial

At Fast Painting General Contractors, our team of experts install, maintain, and service all types of air conditioning and heating systems whether they are for your residential home or your place of business.

We install quality air conditioning and heating systems specifically designed for the size of your home or business. We first need to make sure you have the right tools for the job; the size of the A/C unit is critical and we aim to make sure it is sized approriately for your needs. We are experience installers and know the differences between products and manufacturers and can help you select the right unit(s) for your space.

Further, we will assess your duct work, air flow, air returns and air quality and are able to clean, re-direct or even rework your ducts for peak performance and flow. The key to great performance is the flow. YOu want air to flow unimpeded and you want heat to be transferred efficiently from inside your home or business, to ouside. It is all in the flow.

Schedule a check-up, performance check or tune-up. We can also set you up with a proactive maintenance program where we routinely monitor your system performance, verify your a/c heating system is performing at optimal levels and take proactive measures to make sure breakdowns of equipment and surprise expenses are avoided.

We proudly install Energy Star equipment.

Air Conditioning - Residential and Commercial

We offer discount air conditioning equipment pricing for multi-unit residential locations when purchasing an ongoing proactive maintenace service agreement.

We offer custom ongoing proactive maintenace service programs for corporate and industrial facilities which require larger, more powerful units with custom installation and service.

Air Conditioning Services

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Check-up
  • Repair





Call us today to discuss your air conditioning needs. Our estimates are always free.

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